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Vision Mission and Beliefs

Varnell Elementary School

"Valuing Educational Success"


Varnell Elementary is a student-focused school where active engagement in a safe and caring environment prepares learners for future success.


The mission of Varnell Elementary School is to ensure educational success.

Our Beliefs

We believe in our school having a unified focus that meets the needs of our learning community.

We believe that students are willing participants when they find value and purpose in their work.

We believe that teachers are part of an innovative team which advocates and designs authentic and purposeful learning experiences.

We believe that involvement of all stakeholders is vital to the success of our learning community.

We believe that our learning community should be a safe environment where success is expected and failure is accepted as a vital part of the learning process.

We believe that teachers are satisfied with their work when they know their investment and commitment contribute to the greater success of the community.